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The Horizon Team


At Horizon Eye Specialists and LASIK Center (HESLC) we use a team approach to provide you with the most thorough eye examination and precise surgical outcome possible. From your initial phone call to your clinical consultation, from your appointment booking to your pre-op measurements, and from your surgical procedure to your post-operative care, our goal is to offer you the most efficient visit, comprehensive testing, and enjoyable experience.

Many Parts

This level of expertise and precision cannot possibly be accomplished by one individual – our team approach includes many highly trained, experienced and capable staff members. You will be cared for by receptionists, surgical counselors, technicians, optometrists and ophthalmologists alike.

Co-management: Pre- and Post-op Eye Care

Patients requiring or electing to have eye surgery oftentimes need multiple visits, tests and measurements. Furthermore, as a benefit to our patients we offer multiple locations, surgical options, and scheduling dates. Here at HESLC, we've adapted a team approach to accommodate the wide-ranging logistical needs of all our patients. All of our doctors are trained and experienced to co-manage your pre- and post-op care with our surgeons. This co-management model is possible for refractive, cataract, glaucoma and other eye surgeries we perform.

Referring Optometrist

They can also provide you with an objective opinion on whether you’re a good candidate for refractive surgeries like iLASIK, PRK, ICL or refractive lens exchange, or medical procedures like cataract and glaucoma surgery.

Referring Optometrist

Many patients are referred to HESLC by their long-time family optometrist for a surgical or medical consultation. We feel pride in knowing these eye doctors are in a unique position to see results from various surgeons and specialists around the Valley and state, and ultimately trust us with their patients’ needs. Additionally, once a patient’s condition has stabilized, we feel it’s not only convenient but sensible for patients to finish their post-operative care or resume routine exams with their local optometrist, the doctor who knows their visual needs the best.

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