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ICL (Implantable Contact Lens)

At Horizon Eye Specialists, we are pleased to offer the latest in refractive surgery options to our patients – ICL (Implantable Contact Lens). ICLs are micro lenses placed inside the eye to permanently improve vision and function much the same as traditional external contact lenses. Although iLASIK remains the mainstay of refractive surgery, there are some distinct advantages to ICL.

ICLs can correct extremely high Rxs

Advantages: ICLs

Some patients have been told they cannot undergo iLASIK or PRK because:
1) Their prescription is too high - ICLs can correct almost any prescription, regardless of the severity.
2) Their corneas are too thin – corneal thickness is not a factor with ICL surgery.
3) Their eyes are too dry – ICL surgery does not increase your risk of dry eye.


4) Finally, although the ICL is intended to be permanent, ICL surgery is reversible while iLASIK is not. Should your prescription change over time, an ICL can be removed and replaced.

ICL Options

There are two FDA-approved implantable lenses available in the United States – Verisyse™ Phakic IOL and Visian™ ICL.

Verisyse™ Phakic IOL

With over 18 years of use and 150,000 procedures performed worldwide, results prove that the Verisyse™ design is safe and effective for very nearsighted people who are tired of thick glasses and are not candidates for iLASIK. The procedure involves placing the Verisyse™ Phakic IOL behind your cornea and on top of your iris. This gives your eye another focusing lens that provides high-quality, high-definition vision like a normal eye. The word "phakic" means that your natural crystalline lens is left in the eye. This is important because your natural lens plays an important role in helping your eye adjust between seeing objects that are near and far.

Visian™ ICL

Verisyse™ ICL Visian™ ICL Verisyse™ ICL Visian™ ICL

The Visian™ ICL is made of Collamer, a highly biocompatible material composed of copolymer and collagen. The Visian™ ICL is a soft, foldable lens that transmits light and reduces reflections that can interfere with vision, so you can see clearly. The Visian™ ICL is inserted into the eye through a small, micro opening. The lens then gently unfolds in the eye and is positioned between the iris and the natural lens where it stays indefinitely.

The ICL "Wow" Factor

Regardless of the ICL lens selected for you, both types of implants require a simple 15-minute outpatient procedure and patients experience an immediate improvement in vision.

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