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KAMRA® Inlay

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KAMRA Inlay is an eye procedure that restores and renews near vision. It is perfect for those living an active lifestyle and want to be freed of their dependency on reading glasses or contact lenses. Smaller and thinner than contact lenses, the KAMRA Inlay is shaped like a small ring with a pin sized opening in the center to focus light entering the eye. The focus improves near vision while maintaining distant vision. Dr. McCulloch is one of the first eye surgeons in the Phoenix, AZ area to offer this procedure.

The KAMRA Inlay sits on the cornea of only one of your eyes. In conjunction with your naked eye you will be able to see near to far over time. This 20 minute procedure has parallels to monovision laser correction with greater longevity and stability. – call our office to schedule an appointment.

KAMRA Inlay Treatment in Phoenix:

  • Relieves your dependency on reading glasses or contacts
  • Improves near vision & maintains distant vision without any blur
  • Treats Presbyopia or near vision loss

KAMRA Inlay Before Treatment - Phoenix

KAMRA Inlay After Treatment - Phoenix

The KAMRA Inlay Procedure & Recovery

The KAMRA Inlay procedure is a simple two-step process. First, numbing eye drops are applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Next our skilled surgeon Dr. McCulloch uses a laser to create a small opening where the inlay is positioned. You may experience some irritation, excessive tearing and sensitivity to light. These are normal symptoms that can be easily managed with medication provided by our doctors.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to drive after the procedure. Surgeon, Dr. McCulloch recommends making the appropriate arrangements for a ride home until it is safe to drive again. Recovery time is about 24-48 hours until you can return to normal daily activities. To speed up your KAMRA Inlay recovery we recommend avoiding reading glasses, taking the prescribed medication and keeping up with your follow up appointments.

You may experience dry eyes and vision fluctuation in the first three to six months due to you vision adapting to the inlay. Following our doctor’s instruction is key to a proper and faster recovery.

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Are You a Candidate?

Not all patients are ideal for KAMRA Inlay

Note that not all patients are ideal for KAMRA Inlay. Come in for an appointment with the experts at Horizon Eye Specialists & Lasik Center to see if you are a candidate for this procedure or other alternatives Our team of Phoenix eye doctors will perform a detailed eye exam to determine if KAMRA is suitable for you.

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