Can I Workout After LASIK Surgery?

You’ve scheduled your LASIK laser eye surgery, and are eager to enjoy the results (and who wouldn’t be?). Many people are excited to jump back into life after the procedure is over, hoping to resume all their normal activities - just with better vision this time around. While you should absolutely be able to get back to all of your favorite pastimes after laser eye surgery, you’ll want to proceed with care for best results.

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Can Exercise Improve Your Eyesight and Eye Health?

Researchers have projected that the number of people who suffer from visual impairment or blindness is likely to double in the next 30 years. This is a shocking statistic, and can plant a seed of worry even within those who have great vision. But the positive side of this conversation is that preventing many vision problems and eye diseases is actually within grasp.

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3 Core Benefits of LASIK Surgery and Sports for Athletes

There are plenty of benefits of having laser eye surgery for the average person, and these benefits only amplify if you’re an avid athlete. Someone who exercises at an elite level, plays contact sports or water sports, spends a lot of time in extreme weather conditions or is highly active overall can keep their lifestyle, despite vision problems, when they have LASIK. If you’re curious about how LASIK surgery and sports go hand-in-hand, here’s a little more about what athletes can expect after having the procedure.

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April is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

In our line of work, we’re very aware of all the eye injuries that can occur in everyday life… which is also why we’re fanatical about recommending proper eye protection in sports and other hobbies. And, there’s no better time than April to remind our patients about this important topic. April is known as “Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month,” so in honor of this month, we’re bringing you a few tips that will help ensure the safety of your eyes and your kids’ eyes no matter what your favorite pastimes are.

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