What Do I Do With My Old Glasses?

You just got LASIK and are thrilled you can essentially see the world in HD. But, you’re also seeing your old glasses laying around your house and wondering if you should toss them or do something else with them. Or, maybe you just got a brand new pair of eyeglasses. You like them way better than your previous pair, so you want to say goodbye to the old ones. In either scenario, can you donate glasses? You sure can - and we recommend it. Here’s more about charity donations for glasses. 

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Top Treatments for Dry Eye

If you’ve suffered from dry eye disease or even just an occasional dry eye, you understand how irritating dryness can be. But, you don’t have to suffer any more. The good news is that there are dry eye treatment options like Lipiflow, and new treatments like AmnioGraft, that can help. Here’s some information about dry eyes and how to treat them. 

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