3 Types of Sunglasses to Avoid

Everyone has heard about the benefits of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes, but this doesn’t mean that just any pair goes. In fact, certain types of sunglasses will fail to safeguard your eyes and instead only give you a false sense of security. Here’s a look at three types of shades that don’t get the job done properly, so you know to avoid them when you’re shopping for the best sunglasses for protection.

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Keep Calm & Get LASIK

So you want LASIK laser eye surgery, but… you’re scared. If this sounds familiar, you’re not at all alone. In fact, this is extremely common for many people in need of vision correction. They know they’re eligible for the procedure and they believe they’d benefit from it. But, they're terrified of LASIK side effects or something going wrong. They keep wondering, “is LASIK dangerous?” If you can relate to this, here’s some information to help you understand what you’re signing up for and how to stay calm along the journey.

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