Horizon Eye Specialists is proud to feature iLASIK using IntraLase Femtosecond laser technology for a 100% blade-free experience. Introduced in 2001, blade-free LASIK not only gives our surgeons superb control over the procedure for unmatched accuracy, but it also assures our patients they are undergoing a state-of-the-art vision correction treatment resulting in the safest and most successful outcome possible.

What Is Blade-free LASIK?

In the early days of LASIK an instrument called a microkeratome (pictured below), a hand-held spinning blade on a track, was used to create the corneal flap.

Instead of using a microkeratome during the critical first step in laser eye surgery, the IntraLase FS laser uses rapid, predictable pulses of infrared light energy, creating a layer of tiny air bubbles within the cornea (pictured below). These microscopic air bubbles link together to create the corneal flap, which is then pulled back for the second part of the LASIK process.


The Intralase Laser Creating the Flap: Used at HESLC


The Microkeratome Blade Creating the Flap: Used at Other Clinics

Advantages of Intralase vs. Microkeratome

  • the computer-guided laser produces a higher level of control and accuracy leading to better vision, greater safety and fewer complications
  • It creates a beveled edge allowing for more precise flap alignment and less chance of slipping...
  • this allows the tissue to heal faster with greater strength
  • whereas a handheld microkeratome blade may result in uneven flaps and abnormal corneal surfaces, the laser creates a flap at a diameter, depth, thickness and position that is 100 times more precise
  • each flap can be tailor-made to each individual
  • since there is less pressure applied to the cornea, it's more comfortable for patients
  • takes only seconds to perform
  • greater peace of mind

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