Horizon Eye Specialists & Lasik Center is proud to offer patients the latest development in the removal of cataract – laser cataract surgery. Our cataract specialists use the FDA approved LensARTM system to accurately perform cataract surgeries. Prior to laser cataract surgeries, doctors were required to manually create an incision with a hand-held device. The incision must be very precise to allow the eye to heal properly after the surgery. The LensAR laser is used instead to create the incision, guaranteeing a much greater level of accuracy. Similarly, in order to access the damaged lens, the eye surgeon carefully enters the capsule that holds the lens. This part of the surgery is called the capsulotomy. As with the initial incision, the laser is now used to gain access to the capsule, providing a higher level of accuracy than a blade.

The laser cataract surgery continues when our eye surgeons use the system’s femtosecond laser to break up the cloudy lens before it is removed. Unlike the previously used ultrasonic device, our doctors use a femtosecond laser to ease the process of breaking the lens and soften the pieces so they can be safely removed from the eye, increasing accuracy and improving surgical outcomes. Cataract laser surgery provides a more efficient approach while increasing your safety.

Cataract surgery has been our specialty and our senior cataract surgeon Dr. Robert McCulloch has performed over twenty-three thousand cataract and corneal transplants procedures over the years. With offices in Scottsdale, Arrowhead, Phoenix, and Goodyear, AZ, we have served the Phoenix community for thirty years.

Our cataract surgeons gather extremely precise imaging and measurements of the eye and create a 3-D view of the front part of your eye prior to surgery. The image provided by LensAR is one of highest quality images available today. When used in combination with the ORA system, it allows us to accurately plan your laser cataract surgery, measure results in real-time during surgery and make corrections while our surgeons implant a new IOL lens in your eye.

To learn more about how the leading laser cataract surgery works and how we use it to achieve great outcomes, call Horizon Eye Specialists & Lasik Center today at (602) 467-4966. With locations conveniently located throughout Phoenix, including centers in Scottsdale, Arrowhead, Goodyear, and Phoenix. The best treatment for your cataracts is just around the corner.


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