Horizon Eye Specialists and LASIK Center (HESLC) is a premier provider of professional eye care services for people of all ages in Arizona. Our team of skilled optometrists builds strong, long-lasting relationships with our patients by cultivating trust and applying expertise to help maintain healthy eyes. We draw on our many years of combined experience to offer effective solutions so that you can better enjoy the world around you.

“Primary Care” Eye Doctor

Visual health goes beyond just the ability to see the world around you. When you visit our optometrists, we will do more than just test your vision and fit you for eyeglasses. Even individuals with “perfect” vision will benefit from routine visits to our optometrists, as early detection of potential problems will provide you with the best options for addressing them. Thanks to their years of training and experience, the optometrists at HESCL are qualified to be your “primary care” eye doctor. During a routine eye exam, your eyes will be thoroughly examined so that early problems can be detected early.

Our optometrists are able to diagnose, manage and/or treat all eye diseases and conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, dry eye, and retinal damage. We have close ties with reputable eye surgeons and specialists throughout Arizona, which allows us to provide our patients with trustworthy referrals when a condition requires additional attention.

Eye Care for the Entire Family

Our team is experienced in working with people of all ages, including the elderly and young children. Visual needs and problems change throughout life and we tailor our optometric services accordingly. With offices throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale, we are conveniently located to serve you and your family.

Routine Eye Exams and Fittings for Glasses

To achieve optimum vision, many people need to wear corrective lenses. We provide thorough eye exams that utilize the latest technology to provide you with an accurate prescription. Routine eye exams will allow us to update your eyeglass prescription as needed. We can help you find a comfortable and attractive pair of eyeglasses at Sharona Optical, our convenient in-office optical shop. We offer a wide range of frames and lenses to suit each person’s needs.

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Contact lenses can provide freedom from eyeglasses and our team of optometrists will help you find the perfect pair. After determining your prescription and gaining an understanding of your needs, you will try on a variety of contact lenses to determine the best fit for you. Today, a wide range of contact lenses exists, making it very easy to find a comfortable pair that resolves your visual problems. We offer a variety of soft contact lenses including disposables, dailies, extended wear lenses, silicone hydrogel, multifocal or bifocal lenses, and rigid gas permeable or hard contact lenses.

We also provide specialty contact lenses to correct problems outside of standard nearsightedness and farsightedness. For patients with astigmatism, toric lenses (a type of hard contact lens) may provide clearer vision. We offer monovision and specialty lens fittings to patients who have unique curvature of the eyes. We can also help post-surgical and post-traumatic patients, whose cases may require specialized care and experience, find suitable contact lenses.

Emergency Eye Care

When an unexpected eye problem arises, you can trust our optometrists to help you diagnose and treat your problem. Our optometrists are equipped to provide emergency eye care in cases of trauma (such as an accident or sports injury), red eye, pain, double vision, conjunctivitis, flashes and floaters, and loss of vision. Whether you are a regular patient or require emergency treatment, you can trust that our team will provide the support you need.

Pre- and Post-Operative Eye Care

When patients undergo eye surgery, multiple pre-operative visits, tests, and measurements are usually required beforehand. At HESLC, our team has created an approach to co-manage your pre- and post-surgical care with our surgeons. We have many locations throughout Arizona, allowing our patients to schedule appointments and surgical dates more easily. We apply our co-management model to all eye surgeries that we perform, including refractive, cataract, and glaucoma surgeries.

Additionally, we can provide you with an objective, honest opinion about whether you are a good candidate for a particular eye surgery, including refractive procedures such as iLASIK, PRK, ICL, or refractive lens exchange.


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