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Am I Eligible for LASIK?

Our patients fully understand the precautions that must be taken prior to surgery, what to expect during the procedure, as well as any potential risks and side effects that could occur. Our doctors will determine if you are a candidate for Lasik.

The following questions may provide us and you a glimpse of your unique eye condition and can be useful in determining if you are eligible for Lasik. Please make sure to fill out all fields to the best of your knowledge or click here to contact us.

Disclaimer: There are many factors that can determine if you are a good candidate for Lasik which are not covered by this survey. For specific conditions and needs, please schedule an appointment at 1480 513-6555 or by email. We attempt to provide accurate information at this website.

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Has your lens prescription changed significantly within the last year?
Are you pregnant?
Are you afflicted with unstable or uncontrolled diabetes?
Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease?
Are you under 19 years of age?
Are you nursing or expecting to become pregnant within the six months following the LASIK procedure?
Do you suffer from chronic herpes infections or connective tissue disorders?
Do you have severe dry eye?


Do you know if you are you nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic, astigmatic?
What is your current lens prescription?
Do you wear contacts or glasses or both or neither?
If glasses, do you only wear glasses for reading?
If contacts, soft lenses or gas permeable?
And what is your age?
If taking medication, what are you taking and what for?
Have you ever been told you ARE NOT a candidate for any vision correction procedure? If so, why?
Have you had a chance to meet with other Lasik surgeons in your area?
If so, why didn't you proceed with LASIK at that time?
What is it that you are looking for, today? In other words, if you are a good candidate for LASIK, what are you looking to have answered - what do you still need - that will enable you to proceed with the procedure?

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