Signs of Cataracts in Your Loved Ones

In case you haven’t yet heard, this month is Cataracts Awareness Month. While cataracts can develop at nearly any age, they’re most commonly discovered after age 60. But even if you’re not yet near that age, it’s still important to know the symptoms of cataracts so you can help identify signs of cataracts in loved ones. After all, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness around the world but can almost always be treated or removed if caught early enough.

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What is Cataracts Awareness Month?

 June is usually known as the month for hitting the pool (while wearing your best UV-protective sunglasses, of course). This is still the case, but did you know it’s also Cataracts Awareness Month? Considering that more than 22.3 million Americans suffer from cataracts, it’s good news that eye care providers and other health institutions are banding together to raise awareness of this issue and urge individuals to seek treatment.

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Can't See at Night While Driving?

If you’ve ever gone for a drive during the evening hours and ended up having trouble seeing properly, it can be pretty scary. While no one sees perfectly in the dark, most people with normal vision and healthy eyes are fine driving during this time of day.

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How LASIK Surgery Impacts Your Health

Whenever you start to consider any sort of medical intervention, it’s important to educate yourself on the upsides as well as any potential downsides. This is especially true with any type of surgery, and all the more true when you’re dealing with a part of the body as valuable as the eyes. 

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How Do Allergies Affect Your Eyes?

If you’ve ever experienced uncomfortable eye allergy effects, you know how frustrating they can be. But many people don’t really know why they occur, or if there’s any way to prevent them. Since allergies are in full bloom and likely not going away anytime soon, here’s a look at the causes and how to treat eye allergies.

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