8 Ideas for Eye Care That Will Keep Your Vision on Point

If you aren’t blessed with perfect vision, there are plenty of helpful eye procedures available, and countless attractive pairs of glasses on the market. If the time comes when you need to rely on modern procedures to get your vision fixed, or invest in some contacts or eye glasses, it’s a good thing all of that is accessible to you.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Eye Dilation

Most eye care professionals recommend an annual eye exam as a general rule of thumb. However, there may come a time that your doctor wants you to consider a dilated eye exam. Certain people have an increased risk of eye diseases that aren't visible with an undilated routine eye exam. If the doctor wants to check for these diseases, they need a more comprehensive method, a dilated eye exam, to detect them.

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3 DIY Eye Tests to Try at Home

Let's be honest, most of us take our sight for granted. But in reality, failing to maintain proper vision care could have a life-changing impact, though this alone doesn't seem to be motivation enough. In 2016 an estimated 61 million U.S. adults are at high risk for vision loss, with only half reporting that they received a vision test in the last year. With such a concerning trend, is there an easier way to gauge whether or not your sight might be declining? Fortunately, there is, with no formal appointment required. What could be better than a free eye exam? If you're curious about the state of your vision, take a look at these 3 do-it-yourself eye tests to try at home:

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Want to Ditch Your Reading Glasses? Consider Monovision LASIK

One of the most common frustrations associated with aging is the need for reading glasses, typically after the age of 40. Even if you’ve had stellar, 20/20 vision previously, you might find that your vision begins to become blurry as you get older. The culprit is known as presbyopia, which actually means “old eye” in Greek. What happens as your eyes age is the clear lens becomes more rigid and doesn’t change shape as easily. These seemingly minor changes make close-up tasks, like reading or sewing, more difficult.

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Can LASIK Fix Astigmatism?

If you’ve been told by your eye doctor that you have astigmatism, you might be worried about what it means and whether or not it can be corrected. Luckily, this is a vision condition that is typically on the less serious side of the spectrum and often able to be fixed. Many people with astigmatism have also heard information from a variety of sources about their ability to get LASIK if they have the condition. Here are the facts, along with why LASIK might be a great option for you if you have astigmatism.

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