Your Eyes and Allergy Season - How to Keep Your Eyes Protected All Season Long

Spring can be a wonderful time of the year. And with the brighter, longer days, warmer sunshine and beautiful blooming flowers often come… seasonal allergies. It’s an unfortunate part of this otherwise lovely time of year, but you don’t have to let spring allergy symptoms irritate your eyes or bring you down.

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How Genetics Determine Your Eye Color

At Horizon, our skilled doctors look at eyes all day long. And even though we focus on comprehensive eye care and surgery, it’s always fun when patients start asking us about eye color. Whether you’re interested in what’s behind eye color genetics, or expecting a child and wondering, “what color will my baby’s eyes be?” - we can give you some information about how it all works.  

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LASIK Surgery: Through the Eyes of an Actual Patient

So, you’ve thought about getting LASIK laser eye surgery, and are pretty sure you want to. But do you ever wish you could hear what it’s really like, from someone who has actually gone through the process, before making that final commitment? Today, you can.

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When You Can Use Your Computer After LASIK

Maybe you’ve heard that most LASIK patients can get back to work the next day after the procedure. But what if your work involves a lot of computer usage? You might be wondering how screen time after eye surgery may affect the healing process, or if there’s anything you should know about LASIK and computer use. So, here are a few key points to keep in mind during your LASIK recovery period.

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Top Foods to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Have you ever heard the phrase, “eat the rainbow?” If you’re like most of us, one of your parents or grandparents gave you this advice when you were growing up. And if they did - count yourself lucky! Eating a wide variety of food colors means you’re eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and getting nutrients that are vital to your eye health. And in addition to produce, there are some other important nutrients you should make sure you’re getting, so your eyes can reap the benefits, too. Here’s a list of our favorite foods that are good for your eyes.

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