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Beyond Clear Vision: The Other Eye Benefits That LASIK Brings

We’ve shared a lot over the years about the myriad LASIK benefits that patients enjoy after the procedure. These include things like incredible vision, more freedom in enjoying their active lifestyles, convenience and long-term savings. But are there any other advantages to having laser eye surgery? The answer is yes. Here are a few you may not have thought about before.

Safer Nighttime Driving

Poor vision at night is one of the big motivations that brings patients in to see us. If you’re among the many who are wondering how to improve night vision, you’re in the right place. Custom iLASIK, which we perform at Horizon, can indeed help improve your vision when it’s dark outside, reducing the halos and glares that previously impeded your sight and made driving more dangerous.

Getting Rid Of On-Screen Glare

Even patients who are used to wearing corrective lenses are often frustrated by the glare with glasses. This has become even more problematic, as the number of virtual meetings has increased and many professionals use technology to converse with their teams.

If you do this, and you wear glasses, you’ve almost certainly felt the annoyance of the glare that reflects from them. It’s obviously not harmful, but it can be distracting on camera. Being able to see clearly, without glasses (and therefore no glare) is yet one more benefit that LASIK patients enjoy.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

As spring is getting closer, the allergy sufferers among us are bracing for impact. Those who have to contend with itchy, red or watery eyes know how it feels to have the irritation of the symptoms–and then have to put their contacts in so they can see.

Doing so can exacerbate the irritation, leaving you unable to wear your corrective lenses at all. For those who have become used to this seasonal discomfort, LASIK is a welcome relief.

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