Modern refractive surgery was first effectively introduced by a Russian surgeon, Dr. Svyatoslav Fyodorov in 1974 when he began performing "RK" or Refractive Keratotomy. Ever since RK was brought to the United States in the early 80s, refractive surgery has undergone several evolutions leading to our current highly sophisticated laser and implantable contact lens options. With this advanced technology, results have become more and more predictable and long-lasting.

But what about previous refractive surgery patients whose results have diminished? Are there options for patients who had RK years ago? How about for patients who’ve had previous PRK? Or what if a LASIK patient is interested in a touch-up? The answer is oftentimes "YES!" Unfortunately, many times a patient’s own eye doctor will tell them incorrectly, "no". If that happens to you, please contact us for a consultation to review your options.

Training and Experience Is Everything: Corneal Fellowships

As corneal fellowship trained eye surgeons, Drs. McCulloch and Duncan are uniquely qualified to perform surgery on corneas…the part of the eye where most refractive surgery is done! This advanced training is only offered to the best M.D.s and has not only prepared them to operate on patients new to refractive surgery, but also:

Patients who’ve had previous and other types of refractive surgery with reduced results
Patients who’ve had refractive surgery complications
And even patients who've undergone other types of eye surgery with less than desirable results, i.e. post-cataract surgery

In fact, Dr. McCulloch's expertise is often consulted by other eye surgeons around the state and country.


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