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What To Know About Sports Eye Safety Month

Many kids, teens and adults are involved in sports, enjoying these pastimes as a way to stay fit, compete and grow their skills. Unfortunately, sports injuries, including eye injuries, are a reality of such activities. Although sports risks will always be present, there are steps parents and athletes can take to reduce them. In honor of this Sports Eye Safety month, here are some suggestions about how to protect your eyes.

Sports With The Greatest Eye Risks

Every year, almost 30,000 sports-related eye injuries occur in the U.S. Of all sports, basketball causes the greatest number of these injuries. Next in line are baseball, softball, airsoft rifles, pellet guns, racquetball and hockey.

If you or your children play any of these sports, the thought of damaging your eyes can be scary. But there’s good news. Ninety percent of the recorded injuries each year could be prevented by wearing protective eyewear.

The Best Protection

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends wearing sports glasses that are made of polycarbonate lenses (shatterproof plastic). Make sure your eyewear meets the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards in order to get the fullest protection. If you need help finding the right pair of sports glasses, check out this resource from the AAO.

Additional Considerations

If you or a loved one has reduced vision in one eye, it might not make sense to risk injuring the healthy eye by playing a high-risk sport. If you do decide to continue participating, the need for proactive eyewear is even greater.

Lastly, it isn’t just athletes who are susceptible to injuries. Every year, spectators are caught by surprise when a ball, bat or even player ends up in the stands. If you attend games, make sure to actively watch the game and keep an eye out for foul balls or flying objects.


Sports can be a wonderful source of physical activity, camaraderie and entertainment. Just make sure to protect your eyes with sports glasses and do all you can to keep your eyes safe. Ready for your next eye exam? Contact us here!