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Seeing Clearly: How LASIK Can Transform Your Life, Starting in Your 20s

There’s a myth out there that we hear patients say from time to time: that LASIK is best for people in their 30s. While it’s true that many folks are great candidates for laser vision surgery in this time frame, there are other time frames that might deliver even more benefits of LASIK to you. So, when to get LASIK? Keep reading for some information about why getting the procedure earlier in your life is often best.

More Years of Freedom

Most LASIK patients tell us that the greatest part of getting laser vision surgery is the freedom it gives them from glasses and contacts. This is true at any age or stage, but it can be an especially valuable benefit in someone’s younger years.

If you meet the criteria for LASIK, you could theoretically have the procedure at or around age 21. This means you can spend the vast majority of your 20s traveling, going on adventures and living life to the fullest - without the inconvenience and limitations that come with glasses or contacts. Getting LASIK young can maximize your freedom.

Positive Career Impact

One of the benefits of LASIK that people often overlook is the way in which it can be an advantage in certain professions. While most careers require decent vision, there are certain fields in which wearing contacts or glasses can get in the way. For example, surgeons have to be able to see small details with great clarity and on-call doctors need to be able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice (without having to remember where they left their corrective lenses).

Authors who spend long hours in front of the computer can also benefit from the gift of unassisted clear vision, as can photographers (no more trying to look through the viewfinder and your glasses at the same time). Even young parents can enjoy an easier time fulfilling their caregiving duties without the need for contacts and glasses. Need to go outside to play with your little ones when your allergies are acting up? You can, without your contacts further aggregating your eyes. Want to jump in the pool with your child? No problem. Getting LASIK done can give you a leg up in a variety of careers and roles.

Long-Term Savings

Finally, consider the costs of laser vision surgery. Sure, it’s an upfront expense that might seem high for a single procedure. But if you get it done young, you have many more years in which you don’t have to pay for contacts, contact solution, glasses, prescription sunglasses and the like.

Over time, LASIK more than pays for itself when you consider how much you would spend on other forms of vision correction over your lifetime. So, when you get the procedure as young as you can, you’ll be saving that much more on eye care needs that much sooner.

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