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The Tech Behind Clear Vision: All About LASIK Technology

When the time comes to consider laser eye surgery, there are a lot of important considerations to take into account. Aside from financial factors, the number one aspect most patients are concerned about is LASIK safety. In order to ensure safety, it’s important to choose the best laser eye surgeons who use the latest and greatest laser eye surgery technology. Here’s why this matters, and what we do at Horizon.

Best-of-Breed Technology

While many practices offer LASIK, few can boast the same level of equipment sophistication that we have. We use Intralase CustomVue and iris registration to further enhance the precision and customization of the LASIK procedure.

Paired with the iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser, known for its precision and safety in creating the corneal flap, our ViSX laser achieves optimal outcomes for our LASIK patients. Not all LASIK practices may invest in–or have access to–all of these specific components.


LASIK Safety

At Horizon Eye Specialists & LASIK Center, we understand that embracing cutting-edge technology must be accompanied by exceptional safety standards and accurate results. Here are some of the ways that our doctors select the very best in eyecare tech:

1. Research and Evaluation: Before adopting any new technology, our surgeons conduct thorough research and evaluation, including assessment of peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials, attending conferences and consulting with other experts in the LASIK field to understand all benefits and potential risks associated with the technology. Additionally, our surgeons choose technology from reputable manufacturers with a solid track record of producing safe and effective devices and equipment.

2. Compliance and Quality Assurance Protocols: Compliance with regulatory standards and recommendations is non-negotiable, including (but not limited to):

  • Obtaining certifications
  • Adhering to guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA
  • Implementing robust quality assurance protocols to help ensure that equipment is properly maintained, calibrated and is functioning optimally
  • Holding regular inspections, maintenance and performance evaluations
  • Additionally, we continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of any technology post-implementation.

3. Safety Profile: The ViSX system incorporates safety features such as eye tracking and real-time monitoring, which help ensure the safety of the procedure and minimize the risk of complications. In addition, the iFS laser incorporates bladeless technology, which significantly minimizes risk of complications such as flap-related issues or overcorrection.

The ViSX platform overall has a track record of millions of successful procedures performed worldwide. The Star S4 laser offers advanced features, such as iris registration and CustomVue technology; when paired additionally with the iDesign’s advanced Wavefront technology, the result is precise customization of treatment based on individual eye characteristics and patient preferences, which enhance accuracy and predictability of outcome.


When all is said and done, embracing innovative technology and ensuring it meets our unwavering standards is at the core of what we do at Horizon Eye Specialists & LASIK Center. Are you ready to get started down the exciting path of clear vision through LASIK? Schedule a consultation today!