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Caring For Your Eyes During Wedding Season

With April in full swing and May around the corner, wedding season is upon us. Whether you’re part of the lucky couple, in the bridal party or an attending guest, it’s important to prioritize your eyes during such fun-filled events. Here’s how to do that.


Get Ahead Of Dryness & Redness

Weddings and all the related events around them are a blast. But they can also wreak havoc on your eyes. Couple the long days and late nights with alcohol and outdoor venues, and your eyes might feel the sting.

To avoid dry eye, use preservative-free lubricating drops at regular intervals. For red eyes, either from staying up all night or tearing up at the mother of the bride’s speech, make sure to keep red eye relief drops on hand. We recommend Refresh or Systane.

Prepare For Allergies

Spring is a beautiful time for weddings, given all the blooming flowers and gorgeous plants. But all that flora can kick your allergies up into overdrive. If you’re attending a wedding in your home state, you likely already know whether you’re affected by eye allergies in the spring, so plan accordingly.

If you’re traveling to a destination wedding, prepare to be surprised. You never know what plants will be flourishing at your new locale, so it’s best to keep a general allergy medication like Claritin with you, as well as eye allergy drops (like those from Pataday).

Choose The Right Eyewear

Last, but not least, consider how your corrective lenses fit into your attire. If you’re part of the bridal party, make sure to check in with the bride or groom to find out if they have a preference about the type of glasses you wear.

If you’re a guest, think about the vibe and venue of the wedding, and consider which piece of eyewear will complement it all best. This is the fun part, so think of your eyewear as an extension of your style.


When you think of wedding season, also think of caring for - and complementing - your eyes. They’re worth it. Need an eye exam or new prescription glasses? Schedule an appointment here!