Refractive errors often are the main reason a person seeks the services of an eye doctor. But what does it really mean when we're told that our vision is blurry because we have a refractive error?

We see the world around us by the way our eyes bend (refract) light. Refractive errors are visual imperfections that prevent the eye from properly focusing light, causing blurred vision. Refractive errors usually can be "corrected" with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or they can be permanently treated with refractive surgery.

The primary refractive errors are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia.

The primary refractive errors are nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia.

Refractive eye surgery refers to any eye surgery used to improve the refractive error of the eye and decrease or eliminate dependency on glasses and contact lenses. At Horizon Eye Specialists, we employ several modern approaches to corrective eye surgery ranging from laser reshaping of the eye's surface (i.e. LASIK or PRK) to surgical insertion of artificial lenses (i.e. ICL or RLE).

Come in for a free consultation: Which Refractive Eye Surgery
Procedure Is Right for You?

At Horizon Eye Specialists your free consultation will likely be the most thorough eye exam you’ve ever experienced. We pride ourselves at performing a detailed, careful review of your eye and medical history, using the latest technology to determine your current visual status, performing repeated testing if necessary, evaluating your entire eye health, and reviewing your specific visual needs and lifestyle demands.

If you are a candidate, we know “one size fits all” does NOT apply to refractive surgery and will select the procedure we feel will provide the best outcome based on all the data gathered specific to you.

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Are You a Candidate for Refractive Surgery?

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a stable prescription for 1 year
  3. Have healthy eyes
  4. Not pregnant or nursing at the time of surgery
  5. Should be fully aware of the risks involved with eye surgery and maintain realistic expectations for results
  6. Certain autoimmune or other systemic health issues, dry eye, or high prescriptions may prevent you from having a specific procedure, but not ALL refractive surgeries
  7. Past refractive surgery may not exclude you from additional or other refractive surgeries
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