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Video Testimonials

  • Testimonials - Jerzy Wasilewski

    Jerzy Wasilewski Recommends Horizon

  • Testimonials - Christy Minor

    Christy Minor's Lasik Experience with Horizon

  • Testimonials - James Mullen

    James Mullen speaks about cataract surgery

  • Testimonials - Lisa

    Lisa talks about Dr. McCulloch and Horizon staff

  • Testimonials - Dr. Gavin Parsis

    Dr. Gavin Parsis speaks about Lasik decision

  • Testimonials - Aleen

    Aleen speaks about how Lasik has changed her life

  • Patient Testimonials

    Patient speaks about his experience with Dr. Bagga

  • Testimonials - Gary

    Gary speaks about Dr. Bagga and his experience

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