I Have Cataracts... Now What?

If you’ve been noticing a gradual blurring of your vision, and your eye doctor confirmed you have cataracts, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. No one wants to have this progressive cloudiness, hardening, and yellowing of the normally transparent lens of the eye, as it can interfere with your daily life. Worse yet, you might’ve heard that cataracts are still one of the two leading causes of vision impairment (including blindness) around the world.

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LASIK and Vision Care Financing

We talk a lot about eye surgery financing because we’ve found finances are often a major area of concern for patients. If you’re worried about LASIK eye surgery cost and other eye care costs, we understand. Many procedures end up costing thousands of dollars, which can be difficult for most people to scrape together in one lump sum.

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Your Eyes and Allergy Season - How to Keep Your Eyes Protected All Season Long

Spring can be a wonderful time of the year. And with the brighter, longer days, warmer sunshine and beautiful blooming flowers often come… seasonal allergies. It’s an unfortunate part of this otherwise lovely time of year, but you don’t have to let spring allergy symptoms irritate your eyes or bring you down.

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How Genetics Determine Your Eye Color

At Horizon, our skilled doctors look at eyes all day long. And even though we focus on comprehensive eye care and surgery, it’s always fun when patients start asking us about eye color. Whether you’re interested in what’s behind eye color genetics, or expecting a child and wondering, “what color will my baby’s eyes be?” - we can give you some information about how it all works.  

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