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Why Spring is a Great Time to Get LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’ve had poor eyesight for any period of time, you might be itching to ditch your contacts or get rid of your glasses. Even though both types of corrective lenses improve your vision, each carries some inconveniences along with it. If you want to have LASIK eye surgery and do away with the hassles of contacts or glasses for good, and are looking for when to do it, spring might be the perfect time to take the plunge. Here’s why:

Warmer Weather

As the temperatures outside begin to rise, there’s almost always a spike in outdoor activities as well. Whether you enjoy hiking, boating on the lake, or playing volleyball at a beach, your spring is sure to be full of fun outside. With any physically demanding pastime, you’re better off not having to wear glasses. They could fall off, get broken, or quickly get in the way of your favorite activity.

Even if your correct lenses of choice are contacts, these are still not ideal – especially around water. Contacts can easily slip out of place if a surge of water splashes your face, and an accidental rub of your eyes can introduce sand into the area, aggravating the contacts and the eye. The ideal option in any of these scenarios is to have your vision fixed with laser eye surgery long before you head out for these hobbies.


Another aspect of spring that’s worth noting is the prevalence of pollen during this season. Flowers and trees are in bloom, making for beautiful scenery, but this also increases the quantity of allergens in the air. If you’re susceptible to allergies and common symptoms like itchy or dry eyes, spring can be a rough time for you. By proactively getting LASIK eye surgery, you can enjoy the springtime without the added discomfort of allergies and the itchy eyes they can bring.

Busy Social Calendar

Spring is usually a very busy time, full of weddings, outdoor gatherings, and other events. The best part of all of these activities is seeing friends and family members, especially those whom you haven’t seen in awhile. If you have any upcoming events like these on your calendar, it’s only natural to want to look and feel your best. Getting LASIK eye surgery is one way to get rid of your glasses and enjoy any gathering with clear eyesight.

Another upside to having LASIK before attending important events is feeling good about all the photo opportunities that will likely abound. Many people feel self-conscious about being photographed with their glasses, so getting rid of glasses for good – via LASIK – is a great way to help you feel comfortable in your skin and ready to smile for the camera.

Financial Benefits

Lastly, another advantage of spring are the financial circumstances. Without any major gift-giving holidays in this time period, you’re likely to have a little more cash at your disposal. Furthermore, some individuals look forward to receiving a tax refund every year, and this could be a perfect opportunity to fund your LASIK procedure.

No matter your reasons for wanting LASIK eye surgery, spring just might be the best time to go for it. There’s no time like the present.

If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK eye surgery, read Questions to Ask Before Getting LASIK Eye Surgery or contact us today.