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3 Benefits of Cataract Surgery Beyond Better Vision

If you’ve been told you have cataracts and are considering cataract surgery, you’re probably eager for the procedure to be done so you can start enjoying clearer vision. After all, the way in which cataracts cloud your eye’s natural lens can cause your view of the world to be extremely blurry. And sight impairment can create many problems for you through each day, even beyond the irritation of seeing the world through a (literally) blurry lens.

But did you know that there are far more benefits of cataract surgery than better vision alone? Here’s an overview of three of the least discussed – and yet most valued – results of cataract surgery.

1. Improved Quality of Life

Yes, removing cataracts can actually greatly improve your quality of life. Sound far-fetched? Researchers have sought to quantify and measure the boost in quality of life that post-cataract surgery patients see, and have done so through multiple research studies. One study found that individuals who had their cataracts removed experienced more than a 36 percent increase in quality of life after the procedure and recovery. So not only will you start to see better, but you’re likely to notice a difference in your overall enjoyment of life as well.

2. Decreased Risk of Falls and Fractures

Being able to see more clearly is just one part of cataract surgery. Removing cataracts also serves to improve peripheral vision and restore your depth perception, as well. All of these factors work together to reduce your chances of falling and/or fracturing your bones. When you can see steps, ledges, uneven tiles and other hazards acutely, you’re prepared to find a way to maneuver around them safely. These optic improvements also contribute to better balance and the ability to move steadily on your feet.

3. Improve your Chances of Living Longer

While cataract surgery isn’t a fountain of youth in and of itself, numerous studies have shown that patients who undergo the procedure tend to outlive their peers who do not. One study even showed that a person’s odds of living longer increased by a full 40 percent after having cataract surgery. The main reasoning for this is that having cataracts removed decreases your stress level, takes away some of the daily obstacles you’ve been facing and therefore boosts your overall health. It also reduces the likelihood of blindness, which can bring about a host of other health issues on its own. So if you think it sounds crazy that increased probability of living longer is a benefit of cataract surgery, think again! There’s a proven link between the two.

So as you envision the clear sight that will finally be yours again after your cataracts are removed, remember that cataract surgery might just have a few further pleasant surprises in store for you too. If you are considering cataract surgery, contact us to schedule a consultation!