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3 Core Benefits of LASIK Surgery and Sports for Athletes

There are plenty of benefits of having laser eye surgery for the average person, and these benefits only amplify if you’re an avid athlete. Someone who exercises at an elite level, plays contact sports or water sports, spends a lot of time in extreme weather conditions or is highly active overall can keep their lifestyle, despite vision problems, when they have LASIK. If you’re curious about how LASIK surgery and sports go hand-in-hand, here’s a little more about what athletes can expect after having the procedure.

1. Convenience

One of the biggest upsides of having LASIK when you’re incredibly active is that you’ll have one less impediment to hitting the slopes or the pool. Instead of hassling with your glasses or having to put your contacts in before your favorite activity, you can just go. No need to remember your vision correction lenses or to suffer through a high-intensity sport with concerns about your glasses falling off or getting broken.

2. Better Vision = Improved Performance

Another perk that comes with LASIK surgery and sports is the potential for an improved game. For example, if you play basketball regularly, your ability to see the hoop and gauge your distance accurately all lies with the power and clarity of your vision.

Contacts and glasses can help this, of course, but they can also get smudged easily (which throws off your eyesight). It’s also common for people to let their prescriptions lapse, meaning that ultimately either type of corrective lens could actually be hindering your vision. Crystal clear, surgically-corrected vision, thanks to LASIK, can give you a leg up in your favorite activity.

3. Adaptability to Extreme Environments

Many athletes work on their physical pursuits inside a gym or other type of building. But other athletes are frequently exposed to inclement weather elements, like snow, dust, wind or water. If you’re participating in sports in any of these environments, you could end up getting debris in your eyes (which could severely irritate your contact lenses) or could end up having your glasses broken or your contacts forced out of your eyes (by a harsh spray of water or particularly volatile wind). This can completely hinder your efforts and make it hard for you to perform your sport. But when you have LASIK, you can practice or compete in any weather condition you encounter without fear of hampered vision.

If you’d like to learn more about how LASIK surgery and sports can make a perfect match, or schedule an eye exam, please contact us.