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4 Reasons Same-Day LASIK is for You

Have you heard about our same-day LASIK laser eye surgery procedure? If so, you probably have some questions, and one question we hear a lot is, “Why should I consider same-day LASIK?”

To help you make your decision, here are five of the best reasons for getting LASIK surgery in this way.

          1. You’re busy. 

Who among us couldn’t use a few more hours in the day? Between work, kids, family, appointments and other obligations, our days are jam-packed. When you go the standard route with LASIK, you start with a consultation. This is usually an in-person appointment in which your LASIK candidacy is determined. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, you then set a date for the procedure itself.

With same-day LASIK, you can save yourself one of these two separate trips. Instead of an in-person consultation, you’ll have a phone consultation. Then you’ll come in the day of the procedure, have all your mapping and measurements done - and go right into surgery. Within one appointment, over the span of two to three hours, you’ll be in and out.

          2. You can’t take time off work.

Similar to the point above, it’s not always possible to make three separate appointments since it requires taking time off work each time. If you have a job where this isn’t possible, or if it simply isn’t ideal for your schedule, same-day LASIK can be what you’ve been hoping for.

We often schedule our same-day LASIK appointments for Friday afternoons, so you can take just a few hours off of work on a single day. Then your follow-up appointment would land on a Saturday, so it’s not necessary to take more time off. And you can almost always go back to work Monday, which is one of the reasons many of our patients love same-day LASIK.

          3. You don’t want to ask a friend or family member to come with you on three separate dates.

When you come in for a LASIK procedure, you’ll need to have someone else drive you. You can choose a driving service like Lyft or Uber, of course, but most of our patients prefer to have a family member or friend take them to and from the appointment. After all, it’s comforting to have someone you know with you for a surgery.

The same can be true for your LASIK consultation. Oftentimes, patients want a family member or friend to be with them during the appointment when candidacy is determined since the thought of eye surgery can feel intimidating.

If this is the case, it might be difficult coordinating schedules so that this person can be with you at all three appointments. When you do same-day LASIK, you can have the comfort of having someone special with you every step of the process without having to ask them to make three separate trips.

          4. You’re anxious about the procedure, and worry you’ll talk yourself out of it.

If you have any anxiety about getting LASIK (which is totally normal, even though it’s an incredibly safe procedure), you might just want to get it over with. If you’re concerned you might get worked up about it after your initial consultation, and cancel the actual surgery appointment out of fear, we recommend same-day LASIK.

You’ll swiftly go from the mapping and measurements to getting a Valium to calm you down and get you ready for the surgery, and then you’ll go into the procedure. This doesn’t leave you time to second-guess yourself or talk yourself out of seeing it through.

These are some of the top reasons you might want to consider getting same-day LASIK. But whether you choose same-day LASIK or the more traditional route, LASIK is worth considering since it’s a virtually pain-free, easy way to get clear eyesight without the hassle of contacts and glasses. Any questions? Contact us.