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All About the Trend of Transparent Glasses

If you either can’t - or don’t want to - wear contact lenses, haven’t had vision correction surgery like LASIK yet or simply want a pair of glasses available as a backup when you need them, you’ve probably wondered, “What type of glasses should I get?” No matter what style you’ve tried in the past, you might be surprised that clear glasses are now considered trendy glasses. If you’re interested in getting yourself some cool glasses, transparent in frames, here are some suggestions for finding the right ones.


Face shape matters


Just because transparent glasses are clear doesn’t mean that all styles will complement your facial features. The best rule of thumb whenever you’re choosing glasses is to first figure out what your face shape is. Some people’s face shapes are very obvious, but others might be harder to determine. A quick Google search will help you find endless sites that help you land on your true face shape by actually measuring your length, width, forehead and jawline in proportion to one another.  

Once you know your face shape, you can choose frames that fit it well. More angular face shapes look best with frames that are more round and have softer edges. Faces that are rounder, on the flip side, tend to look best with more angular frames. You’ll also find that transparent glasses aren’t all the same. Some are entirely clear, while others have accent colors on the frames. Experiment to see what you like best.

If you’re still not sure what’s ideal for your particular face, you can always come into our optical center and try on a variety of frames. Nothing beats actually putting the glasses on your face.


Lighter is better


Once you have your clear glasses picked out, and made according to your prescription, it’s time to plan the rest of your look. Transparent glasses are already much harder to see than other glasses, for obvious reasons, so you need to be mindful of that in order to avoid drawing too much attention away from your face. For best results, wear clothing in lighter shades, lighter makeup and avoid accessorizing with anything bold on days that you’re wearing your clear glasses. This will help draw others’ eyes to your face and to be able to see the subtle cool factor of your new frames.

 One last note: Please remember that clear glasses, or any prescription glasses that don’t have UV protection and adequate tint built in, are not a substitute for sunglasses. You still need shades with broad spectrum UV protection whenever you’re outside in order to fully protect your eyes from damage.


To schedule an eye exam, or check out our selection of clear, trendy glasses, please contact us.