6 Eye-Related Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

In many ways, it feels like the holiday season of 2020 just ended - and yet here we are zooming ahead to December once more. With gift giving at the heart of many holidays, we wanted to bring you some ideas for eye care gifts that will delight your loved ones and/or protect their peepers. Here are a few gifts to consider.

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Should You Get LASIK, Based On Your Age?

You’ve probably heard that the best age for LASIK is anytime after your vision has become stable (usually between 18 and 21) until around age 40. But, what if you’re between 35 and 40? Is LASIK still a good investment in this age range? Since you’re getting closer to the time when your vision may start changing again, does this alter your LASIK eligibility? Here are some considerations.

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