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6 Eye-Related Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

In many ways, it feels like the holiday season of 2020 just ended - and yet here we are zooming ahead to December once more. With gift giving at the heart of many holidays, we wanted to bring you some ideas for eye care gifts that will delight your loved ones and/or protect their peepers. Here are a few gifts to consider.

1. Glasses or Sunglasses

Of course, the most obvious choice is to pick out the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for someone on your list. If you’re trying to think of something creative and useful for a grown child or significant other, glasses are both. You’ll need their prescription, and to have a strong sense of their style, so these are best given to those especially close to you. Another idea is to grab eye protection (like safety goggles) for that person in your life who likes to do yard work or toil away at the table saw.

Sunglasses are great, too, because they can be given to nearly anyone. Go to Horizon Optical to scope out our top tier selection of everything from fashionable to functional. With frames in a variety of materials (like stainless steel, titanium and zyl) and styles (from flirty cat-eyes to the best sunglasses for protection outdoors), your gift recipient is sure to love what you choose. Bonus points if you also grab some individually wrapped, on-the-go lens wipes to put in their stocking, as well.

2. Unique Eyewear Case

What does every person who has eyeglasses and/or sunglasses need? A safe - and aesthetically pleasing - place to store them. You could go with a standard, structured zipper-close style if you think that would appeal to your loved one. Or, you could get a little more edgy. What about a bamboo cylindrical box case, like this one from Molshine?

Or, a soft squeeze-top style with high quality microfiber and a sown-in cleaning cloth? There are many options, like this one from MyEyeglassCase, designed by Rachel Rowberry and in fun patterns like Cranberry Rose Floral and Distressed Black. For a special lady in your life, you could even opt for this style that comes as a wristlet, to keep her hands free.

3. Sunglasses Visor Clip

Many people are frustrated by forgetting their sunglasses when they leave the house, but you can help prevent this from happening to someone you know. Give the gift of a sunglasses visor clip for the car, either in addition to another eyewear product or as a stocking stuffer. It’s a surprisingly simple - and affordable - gift that will save your recipient time and hassle searching for their shades, and keep them handy when they need them most.

4. Eye Stones

Surely some folks on your holiday gift list spend all day working on the computer, suffer from puffiness after nights out and/or complain of eye itchiness from seasonal allergies. If so, these Finnish stone disks just might be the gift they didn’t know they needed. Made from bedrock that’s more than two billion years old, they can be chilled in the fridge and then used on tired or irritated eyes to get quick relief.

5. High Quality Eye Cream

Most people want to take care of the fragile skin around their eyes and keep it looking youthful as the years pass. You can be the bearer of these benefits by giving someone in your life a quality eye cream to add to their skincare routine. Try something like this Bearberry Eye Repair Cream from Eminence Organics to help hydrate, nourish and reduce signs of aging. Or, this Dreamy Youth Super Peptide Cream from Pacifica for another quality, but more affordable, option that goes on smooth and smells like actual rose petals.

6. Lavender Eye Pillow

Is there anyone you know who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? Another lovely gift idea, for both men and women, is an eye pillow that adds gentle weight to the eyes and delivers the benefits of soothing aromatherapy at bedtime. This organic lavender and buckwheat-filled eye pillow from Glenda Rosa and Victor Hermosillo stimulates acupressure points of the eyes and releases a restful scent. Plus, it’s pretty to look at.

As you create your holiday shopping list, keep in mind these fun and unique gifts for your loved ones. And, of course, contact us today to ask about our exams or to be put in touch with Horizon Optical to start shopping.