Want LASIK, But Overwhelmed By Anxiety? Here’s What To Do

You’ve done your research, and you know you’re a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. What’s more, you really want the procedure and the hassle-free, clear vision it offers. But, there’s a problem: you’re terrified of it. Most people feel a little nervous about having eye surgery, but if you struggle with generalized anxiety (or another form of clinical anxiety), it can be a real roadblock to following through. Here are some tips to try if you want LASIK, but are worried your anxiety will stand in your way.

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Do I Really Need An Annual Eye Exam?

Did you know that March is “Save Your Vision” month? The American Optometric Association (AOA) designates this annual public health observance as a way to remind people of the importance of regular eye exams. This made us think of a question that we sometimes hear from patients: “Do I really need eye exams every year?” The answer is yes, and here’s why.

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