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Discover the Benefits of Cataract Surgery Beyond Vision Improvement

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cataracts, you’ve probably heard the vision-related benefits of eye surgery. Most eye doctors inform patients about how their eyesight will improve post-procedure and how removing cataracts can prevent blindness. This is all true, of course, but cataract surgery can do so much more for patients (e.g. improve quality of life). Here’s how.

Uncovering the Benefits of Cataract Surgery Beyond Better Vision

Increasing Independence

 It’s often seen as a fact of life that people rely on others as they age, once their own gross motor and fine motor skills begin to decline. But oftentimes, this dependence on other people doesn’t have to be the norm–and it also doesn’t always have to start so early.

When you get cataract surgery, you extend the amount of time that you can live independently. Thanks to better vision and being able to navigate your surroundings more comfortably, many cataract patients are thrilled to reclaim their independence and feel self-sufficient once more.

Improving Quality of Sleep

 You might know, especially if you currently have cataracts, that they can cause glare and light sensitivity. But did you know that both of these symptoms can actually disrupt your sleep patterns?

So much of our overall health depends on the quality of our sleep. By removing cataracts, you not only have a better chance to be–and feel–more rested upon rising, but your improved sleep can also boost your immune system and mood.

Preventing Accidents

 One of the hardest parts of getting older is that it’s more difficult to bounce back from injuries and falls like you might have when you were younger. This is another area in which cataract surgery can help.

Sure, it can’t help you heal from a fall or an injury, but it can help prevent them. By enhancing your eyesight and making you more aware of your environment, you can move through life more safely and be less prone to accidents.


If you or someone you love has cataracts, remember all the benefits of eye surgery–including great vision but also the many ways in which it can improve quality of life. Ready to schedule your cataract exam? Book it online today!