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How LASIK Can Benefit Your Active Lifestyle

If you’ve been considering LASIK eye surgery, odds are good you’ve been motivated by the ways in which your life might be improved by the results. While it’s certainly true that vision correction surgery can yield many benefits, patients especially love the fact that it gives them freedom to engage in more active hobbies. Here are a few ways that LASIK helps in this way.

Warm Up To Water Sports

It’s pretty obvious that glasses can get in the way of many activities, but contacts-wearers experience limitations too. Water in particular can be such an area that must be avoided. For one, contacts aren’t supposed to be exposed to the chlorinated water of a pool or to seawater. But even if you risk it and wear them anyway when swimming, surfing or jet-skiing, contacts only get the job done - until they don’t.

For example, you might set out on a kayaking expedition with your contacts in, just to get splashed by a big wave and lose one. When that happens, you’re out on the water - and out of luck. Once you have LASIK, though, there’s no need to fear being submerged, splashed or otherwise tossed around in the water. Come what may, you’ll have clear sight and no more worries.

Activate Favorite Activities

Outside of the water, there are additional ways in which LASIK eye surgery can power your return to other activities. Love biking? It’s not ideal with contacts, given the dustiness of trails and potential for irritants to enter your eyes. But, post-LASIK, you’re free to bike to your heart’s content.

Even going on spontaneous adventures was probably not within reach before, but after? You can pick up and go camping at a moment’s notice, without the need to get your contact solution or plan out your eye care needs.


Interested in being able to live a more free lifestyle? Contact us today to learn more about LASIK in Phoenix and schedule an eye exam.