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Sharona Optical Center

sharona.jpgSince 1983, Sharona Optical Center has been the optical department of Horizon Eye Specialist & Lasik Center. Currently in three Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale locations (Peoria branch will be opened soon), Sharona Optical offers a wide range of high quality, new lens frame designs. Working with the largest brands in the industry, Sharona Optical carries the newest lens technology and our opticians will be able to find products that match the budget of any customer. Sharona Optical Center accepts the three largest Vision Care Insurances for the purchase of eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

The center also offers 20% off members of other, non-participating vision care insurance carriers. The optical center has experienced, specialized staff as opticians. All Sharona Optical opticians obtained an ABO/NCLE certification as well as Arizona State Optician’s License. The staff of Sharona Optical is required to attend various classes in order to learn new technologies and thereby improve their knowledge in the field. The opticians at Sharona Optical are highly trained in assisting you to choose a frame that will ideally fit your facial structure and prescription needs. These professionals will also help you to decide on the best material and coating for your lenses.

Sharona Optical offers a wide range of lens frames for children, men and women. The most common materials used for the frames are titanium, stainless steel, and zyl. The stores provide a variety of lens materials that suit each prescription from standard plastic to Trives, a brand which is impact resistant and light weight. High-index lenses are also available in our stores. They are especially designed to serve patients with higher prescriptions. You can also find sporty sunglasses at Sharona Optical with or without prescription. All eyewear adjustments are done by our highly skilled opticians, including complimentary fitting. Majority of the products at the center have one year warranty by the manufacturer. Minor repairs can be done at the center.

The staff can help you in selecting the right contact lens, if you are about to start wearing contact lenses or do not feel comfortable with your current ones. Online ordering option is also available at Sharon Optical for certain products. New wearers of contact lenses can ask our staff members to train them on how to wear and maintain their contact lenses.

Sharon Optical is the sales representative of Rec Specs Sport safety glasses. A Rec Specs glasses are ideal in protecting your eyes during sports or other outdoor activities. With our experienced opticians, the center maintains its high standards by ensuring that products of companies we carry have finished all quality checks according to international health standards. Even if you never visited our Phoenix offices before, you are welcome to stop by Sharona Optical for all of your optical needs.