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Surprising Ways That Cataract Surgery Can Improve Quality of Life

There are plenty of folks who think they may have cataracts, but delay getting a cataract exam. Some are scared of cataract surgery, while others are hoping that it’s another vision issue that might clear up on its own. The truth is that untreated cataracts can lead to blindness, and should not be ignored. Here’s more about why it’s time to get checked out for cataracts, and the impact of vision on quality of life.

Symptoms of Cataracts

There are many different symptoms people have that may indicate the presence of cataracts, and some may have several while others may have just one or two. If you’re experiencing light sensitivity, poor vision at night, double vision in one eye, “halos” around lights or clouded vision, you might have cataracts. Additional possible indications are a changing prescription or seeing colors as more faded or yellowed than normal. Experiencing these symptoms? It’s time for an eye exam.

Quality of Life

Having cataracts negatively impacts your vision, which negatively affects your quality of life. If you like reading, for example, cataracts can make it harder to see the words and may require you use a brighter light when you read. If you use the computer for work, cataracts may blur your vision and make the normal duties of your job impossible. If you typically drive your grandchild to dance practice every Tuesday evening, cataracts may impact your night vision so much that driving in the evenings isn’t safe anymore.

The reality is that cataracts can change your life in some pretty major ways. To prevent this, we recommend scheduling a cataract exam right away. There are several options and numerous types of cataract lenses you can get, which your doctor will discuss with you after identifying whether or not you have cataracts. But, to give you some information ahead of time, here’s a great resource about the technology used in the surgery, the lenses and what to expect.

We want you to have great vision and even greater quality of life, which starts with a comprehensive eye exam. Contact us today to get that scheduled and get on your way to being cataract free.