Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma, the silent thief of sight, robs more than 3 million Americans of their vision.

And it is estimated that half of the people who live with glaucoma are not aware they have the disease.

The good news? Early detection, through regular and complete eye exams, is the best protection against glaucoma.

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How to Identify Vision Loss in Elderly Relatives

Watching the ones we love grow older isn’t always easy, especially when we start noticing declining health, subtle and not so subtle issues with everyday life, and encroaching illnesses. It can be very painful to watch them suffer, and while we can’t stop ailments altogether, we can help them address some problems before they get worse. Vision loss serves as a great example – we rely so much on our vision that we often take it for granted. When we start to lose it, however, our quality of life can potentially go downhill fast. Watch for these warning signs to help catch the signs of vision loss early.

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Glaucoma Awareness Month in Phoenix Arizona

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

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