The Best & Worst Modern Light Sources for Your Eyes

A very popular topic among consumers today is the effect of everyday lighting on their eye health. If you’re wondering whether you need blue light protection, or which is the best lighting for eyes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know.

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Poor Vision Symptoms to Watch For in Your Children

Most school age children are not thinking about “signs I need glasses,” which is why it’s very important that parents take note of poor vision symptoms. While many schools and pediatricians conduct an annual eyesight test, parents can also watch for indications of vision problems outside of formal tests. Here’s what to keep an eye on, particularly when it comes to young children.

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Screen Time for Kids: How Much is Too Much?

Parents are often all too familiar with the battle around devices. If your children love screens, they’re among the majority of kids today. This has probably made you wonder how much viewing time is okay, as well as wondering, “does screen time affect vision?” Considering that kids from ages two to eight spend an average of between 42 minutes and three hours per day staring at the TV, iPad, cell phone or other digital devices, this is something worth considering.

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