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Why You Should Have LASIK Eye Surgery on Friday

One can barely get the oil changed in their car in the time it takes to have LASIK eye surgery. One of the biggest benefits of LASIK surgery is that in just a few hours you can have the operation and leave the facility with improved eyesight. Fifteen minutes is all the eye surgeon needs to perform the procedure. But why choose to have LASIK eye surgery on Friday? Three reasons why this is the best time for LASIK eye surgery include:

1.  Cost

Friday marks the end of a busy work week and also ushers in the weekend when most people don’t return to work until Monday. If you run a business, one day’s absence can translate into a loss of revenue. With limited paid time off and hectic schedules, a Friday surgery may help you save those extra days of time off for the family vacation you planned or the next time you are feeling under the weather and don’t make it into work. In the end, the cost ofLASIK eye surgery pales in comparison to the benefits you gain from improved eyesight.

2.     Convenient Time Frame

With the shorter turnaround time for the procedure you can more easily solicit assistance from a friend or family member to drive you to and from the operation. The speed in which the surgery can be completed would even allow you to work a half day and still have time to obtain LASIK. With the successful completion of your surgery, and barring any complications, you will likely be able to return to work on Monday.

3.     Comfort and Support

You need comfort and support of family and friends during your recovery period from any type of surgery, andLASIK eye surgery is no different. However, LASIK does not require intensive doctor observation of the patient after the procedure. Anyone who has stayed in a hospital knows how much better it is to recover in the comfort of their own home. The warmth and support of your friends and family offers reassurance while recovering fromLASIK eye surgery.

Tens of thousands have benefited from LASIK eye surgery.  To see if you could benefit from LASIK surgery to improve your vision or for more information on our services and how we can help, contact us today.