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4 Summer Activities in Phoenix, AZ That Are Better After LASIK

When it comes to LASIK benefits, we could go on and on… and on. But as summer is rapidly approaching, we wanted to touch on a few seasonal activities that are more fun after you’ve had LASIK eye surgery. Here they are, to give you some ideas for what to do this summer.



Yes, it’s hot - and only going to get hotter. But if you’re an experienced hiker who knows how to hike safely in the heat (e.g. go early, tell someone where you’re going and bring plenty of water), being active outdoors in the summer months can actually be fun. Whether you go to South Mountain, Camelback or the Superstition Mountains, you won’t have to worry about dirt and allergies irritating your contacts or smudging the lenses of your glasses. And, you’ll be sure to see the flowers, cacti and wildlife far more clearly after LASIK too.

Water Parks

If you’ve been an Arizonan for any length of time, you know the secret to a successful summer: water. Drink it and be in it as much as you can. Swimming in your pool at home is always a great option, but the kids will be all the more delighted if you take them to a water park. Thrill seekers tend to love the Bonzi Speed Slides at SunSplash, while ocean lovers can soak up the scenery of the Waikiki Beach Wave Pool at Big Surf. You can also check out local aquatic centers for some more nearby, water fun.

Best of all, after LASIK, you won’t have to worry about losing a contact lens in the water or having to endure poor vision during your activities when you remove your glasses. Water parks will be so much more fun for you and the family.

Watching Fireworks

The fourth of July is a wonderful, patriotic time for individuals and families everywhere. Whatever your Independence Day traditions are, make sure to put fireworks on your list. With new-and-improved vision, the Roman Candles, Rockets and Sparklers will take on a whole new dimension for you.


Finally, take some time this summer to look heavenward at the stars. Whether you take in the cosmos with your bare eyes while camping, or use a telescope, you’ll enjoy the clarity of sharper vision from LASIK. See if you and your family can spot constellations, and take turns naming them or coming up with your own.

Summer is the best time to plan for some fun and some down time. After LASIK eye surgery, Arizona has never looked better. Enjoy the season, and contact us today to ask about LASIK in Phoenix.