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5 Reasons to NOT Put Off Laser Eye Surgery This Summer

Summer is almost here – and that means the time for getting LASIK is now, and sooner rather than later. Summer in particular is a time of year when laser eye surgery makes a huge difference in the quality of life. Here are 5 important reasons why you should NOT put off laser eye surgery this summer.

  1. Do Away With Prescription Sunglasses And Enjoy Wearing Your Shades

One of the most frustrating things about wearing eyeglasses in the summer is that you either have to wear prescription sunglasses or none at all. This can be annoying when you want to switch sunglasses based on what you’re wearing or what you’re doing but you are married to your same pair of prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are also expensive, and can’t be taken to the beach or on a bike ride for fear of damaging or breaking them. And if you do – well just forget about wearing sunglasses for a while! Whether you’ve been wanting to wear your new Ray-Bans or a pair of $5 shades from the convenience store, LASIK surgery will make sure you kiss your prescription sunglass woes goodbye – forever.

  1. You Can Swim Without Vision Restrictions

Anyone who wears contacts or glasses knows that getting in the water can be one of the most difficult parts of summer. For the eyeglass wearers, you have to take your specs off and put them somewhere safe before getting in the water. However there’s a big problem with that - now you can’t see as well!

And for those who wear contacts daily, getting in the water can mean you are constantly one splash away from disaster. Even if you don’t open your eyes under water, splashes or waves can displace a contact lens in an instant, losing your lens in the bacteria-laden water and putting a damper on your afternoon at the beach or pool. And if you’re on vacation, trying to get a replacement set of contacts can be a summer bummer.

However with LASIK, you no longer have to worry about these problems. No glasses or contacts to deal with in the water, and perfect vision while you’re snapping selfies with sea creatures.

  1. You Can Participate In Summer Sports

Summer is the best time to be outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting some good exercise. However the heat makes being active frustrating for those who wear glasses that slide off or fog up when you perspire, and they can break easily while playing sports. One spike in a game of volleyball can render your frames broken and useless – and without being able to see, you can’t exactly play the game, can you? Don’t let your golf short game suffer or miss your free throw shots!

Laser eye surgery takes away the need for glasses, allowing you to be more carefree while getting your summer exercise, without worrying about being able to see as well as breaking your expensive frames.

  1. You Can Make Traveling Easier – And More Fashionable

Summer is an amazing time to take trips. And most people with glasses or contacts will tell you, traveling with them is not always the easiest. From planning ahead in case your glasses break or you lose a contact, to having to throw your contact solution away at the airport because it is over the liquid allowance, there are several things about traveling with vision problems that make it inconvenient. LASIK takes all of this right out of the equation.

Plus, being on vacation is the time people like to look and feel their best. Without having to deal with bulky frames or annoying contacts, LASIK can boost your confidence and help you feel like your best self this summer.

  1. Enjoy The Little Things In Life That LASIK Makes Better

While there are many big reasons to get LASIK, one of the biggest reasons is all of the little reasons put together. Things like going to see a 3D movie, which is next to impossible with glasses, or riding a rollercoaster with your kids and not worrying about your glasses flying off, or spending a day in your garden without worrying about getting dirt in your contacts are little things you forget about until they happen.

Waking up every morning without the need for glasses or putting in your contacts is an incredibly liberating feeling, and LASIK is the way to get there.

Summer time is another reminder of why laser eye surgery is a great way to free yourself from glasses or contacts, look better, feel better, and get the most out of the season. This summer, don’t put off getting LASIK – you won’t regret it.

Contact us for a consultation or to learn more about LASIK eye surgery - we’d love to help you have the best summer yet!