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5 Reasons Why Millennials are Choosing LASIK Eye Surgery

The millennial age group (which consists of anyone born between 1981 and 1996) has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years, perhaps because this generation represents the largest portion of working Americans today. So, what are millennials choosing to do when it comes to their vision and eye care? Turns out, many of them are getting LASIK laser eye surgery. Here are a few of the reasons why.


1. Supports their active lifestyle. 

Did you know that millennials have been found to be the most active generation of all? This could be because many of them were exposed to research and information on the importance of exercise growing up, or were put in several physical activities in their childhood as is common in many modern American households.


Whatever the reason may be, this group of individuals are on the go. Whether exercising at the gym, trail running, heading to a yoga meetup or simply chasing after their young kids, the idea of engaging in an active lifestyle with clear eyesight - and without contacts or glasses - is incredibly compelling.


2. Gives confidence. 

Glasses have become kind of cool again, and millennials have used them as a fashion accessory as much as any other generation. But being able to see without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses matters more to this busy generation.


Millennials don’t want to worry about wiping down smudged lenses, accidentally ripping a contact on the way to a business meeting or having their eye allergies exacerbated by contact lenses. LASIK gives them the confidence to see clearly, all while traveling lightly and being more carefree.


3. Saves money in the long run. 

Millennials are arguably one of the more financially savvy generations to come along in awhile. Perhaps because they were raised by parents who experienced the big housing collapse of 2008 or learned other financial lessons the hard way, this group tends to be a bit tighter-fisted with their hard-earned dollars.


And that’s great. Thanks to interest-free financing, flexible payment options, and long-term cost savings, millennials are realizing that LASIK is a smart investment in their eyesight - and wallets.


4. Minimal recovery time. 

Have we mentioned that millennials are one of the busiest generations around? They often don’t want to (or can’t afford to) take time off from work in order to handle their medical needs, even if they consider them to be very important. So, the quick recovery of LASIK laser eye surgery is a big bonus.


In fact, we often schedule patients for a Friday afternoon surgery, so they can come in for their follow-up on Saturday morning and then be back to work first thing Monday morning.


5. Convenience.

We came to realize over the years that millennials wanted LASIK to be even more convenient than it already was. So we rolled out our Same-Day LASIK offering in the fall of last year.


You start with an initial phone consultation, and then schedule an appointment to come in to get your in-person exam, measurements, and procedure done - all within the span of a few hours. Millennials, in particular, are loving this option, as it saves them at least one in-person visit and makes LASIK an even more convenient eye surgery option. 


To schedule a LASIK consultation or learn more, please contact us any time.