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5 Things Most People Don't Tell You About LASIK

If you’ve wondered, “should I get LASIK?” or “how much is LASIK?” you’ve probably done some research. In doing so, you’ve likely read about the benefits of LASIK vision correction surgery, the criteria that make someone eligible and an overview of the costs. But, have you come across some of the lesser-known, more minor details of the procedure? Odds are good the answer is no. While it’s of course important to understand the bigger picture, the more information you have the more prepared you’ll be. So, here’s a look at five things most people don’t tell you about LASIK.

1. You’ll get help calming your nerves.

Whether you’re cool as a cucumber in medical settings or tend to skew anxious, it’s completely normal for anyone to get pre-procedure jitters before their laser eye surgery. The good news is that you don’t have to fight through it alone. Prior to every LASIK procedure, we provide each patient with a Valium to soothe their nerves and help them to relax during the surgery. It’s enormously valuable to have this help putting your mind at ease before you even get to the operating room.

2. The surgery room is cold (but you won’t be).

If you’ve never had surgery before, or aren’t a surgeon yourself, you might not be aware that surgery rooms are kept cold. When you go in for your procedure, you may feel especially chilly, given that the room is indeed at a lower temperature and since your nerves can also make you feel cooler than normal.

Don’t worry, though. As soon as you’re situated on the table, you will have a weighted blanket placed on top of you that will help you feel warmer, more comfortable and more relaxed. And, Horizon gives you a teddy bear to hold during the procedure, to keep your hands occupied and to provide even more comfort. Patients love this.

3. Expect a variety of sensations.

During the LASIK procedure, your eyes will be held open by a speculum, which is a funky-looking (and sounding) medical device. While it sounds uncomfortable, these tools have actually been designed for optimal patient comfort. Of course, no one really wants to have their eyelids propped open, but it’s essential to the procedure. Once these are in place, most patients hardly notice them. During the procedure, you may see colors, black dots or general blurriness. It’s all normal, and all ok.

After the actual laser part of the surgery begins, there is a distinct moment in which you might smell a strong scent, similar to burning rubber. Again, it sounds unpleasant but it won’t last long. Finally, you may feel a good amount of pressure on the eye at one point, but it’s done in a matter of seconds and the doctor or tech will count it down for you. While these are not the most enjoyable sensations, all of them are relatively short-lived and over before you know it.  

4. You’ll be able to see immediately afterward (although not clearly).

A lot of people envision themselves stumbling out of the operating room and walking around blindly for a few hours after their LASIK surgery. This actually isn’t how it works, to many patients’ surprise. As soon as your procedure is over, you’ll be able to open your eyes and see.

Your vision will be blurry, like it is when you have eye drops in your eyes, but most people find comfort in the fact that they can in fact see immediately post-procedure. But don’t push it; the best rule of thumb is to go right home and sleep so your eyes and body can get some much-needed rest.

5. The end result is more rewarding than you could imagine.

Ok, so maybe this one is talked about a lot, but it does bear repeating. Although there are certainly LASIK alternatives, most people who get laser eye surgery are extremely happy they did. Not only will you experience great vision, but you also won’t have to hassle with glasses, contacts, solutions, etc., anymore. It’s worth it.

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