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A Real Cost Breakdown for LASIK - and Cost Calculator

So, you’re interested in LASIK laser eye surgery? If you’re like many of our patients over the years, you’ll quickly nod yes and then say: “But I’m not sure I can afford the cost of eye surgery.” This is a totally understandable, and common, mindset. Yes, LASIK costs a good deal of money upfront. But have you ever sat down and calculated how much you’re spending over the years for contacts and/or glasses if you don’t go the laser eye surgery route?

We have! And we’ve also created a handy LASIK cost calculator for you to check out so you can really figure out the true cost. Here’s a bit more information.


Wearing glasses is probably the easiest and cheapest way to correct your vision. You can get a decent pair of basic glasses for under $100, and don’t need to spend much on maintaining them, except the occasional lens swap if your prescription changes or they get scratched. If you have a higher prescription or want UV or anti-glare coatings, your costs will increase.

The biggest downside to glasses is that they’re not very convenient, and not always comfortable. You can’t wear them for certain activities (like swimming) and they can be a hassle and/or get in the way of normal tasks. For example, if you have a regular pair of glasses that don’t tint, you’ll need to remove them to put on sunglasses when you go outside. In a nutshell, glasses are a good and cost-effective vision correction option that should last you between one and three years. But, they definitely leave a lot to be desired.


Using contact lenses can be a wonderful way to correct your eyesight, but they’re pricier than glasses. Most people pay between $800 and $1,000 per year for contacts, but it varies from person to person. Different lenses and prescriptions cost more than others, and the care of the lenses also requires an investment in solutions and saline. Getting your lenses checked for fit by your eye doctor is also an extra part of your annual exam that adds on costs. 

Contact lenses are usually very convenient, but many people don’t love having to put them in their eyes every morning and remove them at night. They also run the risk of causing infections if not used, cleaned and stored properly, and can be aggravating if you experience eye allergies or other eye problems. For these reasons, many contact lens wearers also have a pair of backup glasses on hand (another cost).


Some people fall into the trap of looking for a discount eye clinic to get “cheap” laser eye surgery. The problem is that many of the companies that promise steep discounts off the cost of eye surgery also nickel and dime you once you get in their doors. Also, be wary of the surgeons and technology these places use. You want to trust your eyesight to only the best surgeons and most modern technology, which is what we have at Horizon.

For LASIK with an experienced eye surgeon and cutting-edge technology, you can plan to pay between $4,000 and $6,000 total (for both eyes). Our LASIK costs include all pre-operative care and follow-up visits for an entire year after the procedure, along with any enhancements if they’re needed. There’s always some risk associated with surgery, but LASIK is one of the safest and most effective procedures around. 

LASIK is definitely the most convenient of all vision correction options. Most people who get the surgery enjoy clear eyesight for a lifetime and don’t have to worry about contacts or glasses anymore. And even though the upfront cost can seem hefty, you’ll pay for LASIK in just 10 years if you typically spend $500 a year on contact lenses (as an example). Past that 10-year mark, it’ll even save you money. There are also attractive financing options available for those who need help meeting the initial payment amount.

Curious about the cost of LASIK for you? Try our cost calculator now! And contact us to schedule a consultation.