7 Ways to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eyes can happen when one of the three layers of your eyes are not functioning properly, causing your tears to evaporate rapidly or not reach the entire surface of the eye. While dry eyes are most common in women who are over 50 years old, they can actually affect anyone of either gender at all ages. If you’ve been waking up with dry eyes or have experienced grittiness, burning, watering, redness, fluctuating vision, fatigue, light sensitivity, overall eye irritation or intolerance to contact lenses, you might suffer from one of the three most common dry eye syndromes.

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Did You Know July is Dry Eye Awareness Month?

July is known for a lot of things, like trips to the beach, time off from school for the kids and… dry eyes? While maybe a lesser known fact about this month, it’s true - July is actually Dry Eye Awareness Month. In case you didn’t know, the eye pain caused by dryness can be really uncomfortable and even turn serious.

4 Reasons Same-Day LASIK is for You

Have you heard about our same-day LASIK laser eye surgery procedure? If so, you probably have some questions, and one question we hear a lot is, “Why should I consider same-day LASIK?”

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Same-Day LASIK: A Q&A with Dr. Duncan

If you’re interested in getting LASIK surgery, and all the LASIK benefits that come with it, you have some decisions to make. Are you going to go the traditional route of scheduling a consultation and then setting a separate date for the procedure? Or, do you want to save some time and do it all in one day, with our same-day LASIK?

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