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Same-Day LASIK: A Q&A with Dr. Duncan

If you’re interested in getting LASIK surgery, and all the LASIK benefits that come with it, you have some decisions to make. Are you going to go the traditional route of scheduling a consultation and then setting a separate date for the procedure? Or, do you want to save some time and do it all in one day, with our same-day LASIK?

The choice is up to you, but we know you might have some questions if you’re thinking about going ahead with same-day LASIK. Here’s are some common questions patients have, along with answers from our wonderful ophthalmologist who performs our same-day LASIK procedures, Dr. Joshua K. Duncan.

Question: Why would I want to get same-day LASIK, instead of going through the traditional process?

Dr. Duncan: We’re all busy, and I find that many of my patients don’t love the idea of having to schedule a consultation, then the procedure itself, then the follow-up appointment. Especially if you’re in school, have a full-time job or have kids, going to all these appointments can make you avoid getting LASIK because it feels like such a hassle.

By offering same-day LASIK, we give patients a way to skip having to schedule and drive to one of these appointments. You get the same care, but you also get more convenience and one less appointment to go to.

Q: Will my time with the doctor be rushed if I do same-day LASIK?

Dr. Duncan: No, no, no! I’m the doctor who performs the same-day LASIK procedures in our offices, and I can promise you that you will get the same level of care and same amount of time with me that you would if you did the traditional LASIK laser eye surgery.

First, you’ll have as much time as you need on the phone with our counselor who will conduct the pre-screening process, followed by providing information on what to expect the day of surgery. When you come in the day of the procedure, a technician will do your measurements. Then, I’ll meet with you, review the measurements, and determine the candidacy. You can ask me any questions you have, and I’ll spend as much time as we need making sure we’re all set before getting started.

Once we start the surgery, it will take the same amount of time as it always does (which is about 15-20 minutes). Then you’ll be on your way! We’ll see you the next day for a follow-up appointment to make sure all is well and that your eyes are healing properly.  

Q: Is anything different about how you do the procedure?

Dr. Duncan: Not at all. We use the same lasers we always use, which is the best technology available (and the only tech approved for LASIK use for NASA and the armed services). The only difference is you’ll be getting your measurements taken the same day, rather than at a separate, prior appointment.

Would you like to learn more or schedule a same-day LASIK appointment? Contact us here.