5 Things Most People Don't Tell You About LASIK

If you’ve wondered, “should I get LASIK?” or “how much is LASIK?” you’ve probably done some research. In doing so, you’ve likely read about the benefits of LASIK vision correction surgery, the criteria that make someone eligible and an overview of the costs. But, have you come across some of the lesser-known, more minor details of the procedure? Odds are good the answer is no. While it’s of course important to understand the bigger picture, the more information you have the more prepared you’ll be. So, here’s a look at five things most people don’t tell you about LASIK.

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Warning: Use Caution With The Following Fall Activities

While many people like to talk about the harm that can be done to the eyes by excessive screen time, there’s a lot more to preventing eye strain and damage than cutting down on device use. In fact, vision care should be prioritized in a variety of contexts, and eye care should be viewed as a year-round need. To that end, here are some seasonal activities we recommend approaching with care - and eye protection.

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