4 Creative Ways To Save Money To Pay For LASIK Surgery

We’ve written a lot about LASIK payment plans and financing, and about how you can use HSAs or FSAs to pay for your LASIK eye surgery. We’ve also shared about LASIK overall costs, and a breakdown between LASIK and regular vision care. But what if you’ve read all of these posts, want to move forward with laser eye surgery - but are still coming up short? Here are some creative ways to fund your procedure.

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How Our Mindset About Technology Benefits Our Patients

When it comes time for a vision exam or procedure, you want the best for your eyes. This starts with doctors like ours, who are the most elite fellowship trained specialists with extensive experience. In addition, the best eye care requires the latest eye care technology. Luckily for our patients, we prioritize and invest in the most cutting-edge technology every day. Here’s how, and why that matters.

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