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Are there Apps that Can Help my Vision?

Did you know that American adults spend more than 11 hours on average per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media and screens every day? While that number might be surprising, we all can probably agree that we stare at screens a lot, which can be taxing on our eyes.

But can our devices (specifically our smartphones) possibly help us with our vision too? In this post, we’re exploring a few better vision apps and eyesight apps to see if tech can give us any eye vision improvement tips. 

Help with Eye Care

  • Eye Drop Reminder - This app is exactly what it sounds like: it helps you manage and track your eye drop usage. If you’ve had LASIK recently or another eye surgery, and are dealing with multiple prescription and/or over-the-counter drops, it can be confusing. This app is a great tool to keep you on track with your medications, and also give you tips for using eye drops properly.
  • Contact Lens Tracker - Who among us contact lens wearers can honestly say we’ve always changed our lenses on time? Probably none of us. It can be hard to remember when you opened your last package, and how long you’re supposed to wear them. But wearing the same pair of contact lenses too long can damage your eyes. Use this app to help you remember when to open up a fresh pair, so you can take better care of your eyes.


Help with Reading and Vision Impairment

  • Magnifying Glass with Light - Raise your hand if you sometimes struggle to read text up close or see text and images in dark areas. This is a simple app that magnifies what’s in front of you, and also gives you the opportunity to switch on a light when needed.
  • VoiceOver - This Apple technology isn’t an app, but rather a program that can be enabled. When enabled, this gesture-based screen reader will describe everything on your screen to you. You can use this when you have vision impairment, but you can also use it if you’re simply in a situation where it would be distracting or dangerous to look at your screen yourself (e.g. driving). VoiceOver can also work with the apps you have on your phone.
  • BeeLine Reader - Reading on a tiny screen can pose challenges, like struggling to find the right line or having your reading flow interrupted by text that’s squished together. This app helps you read more easily and without interruption by using eye-guiding color gradients.
  • Be My Eyes - Finally, if you’re blind or have severe vision impairment, this eyesight app can really help. It offers help with everyday tasks, like figuring out whether a can of food is expired or what’s inside a packaged good.

As you can see, there are a lot of helpful apps that are geared toward keeping you on track with your eye care, offering eye vision improvement tips or giving useful help to the vision impaired. What are your favorites? Contact us to learn more, or to schedule an eye exam.