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Cataract treatment at Horizon Lasik Center

Cataract is manifested in changes to the opacity of the eyes’ natural lens. Greater opaqueness of the lens prevents light from passing through. Due to this reason, the image of objects will not be registered correctly on the retina. Development of cataract is a gradual process and is considered as part of the aging process. Some of the common complaints associated with cataract are difficulty in reading, performing sport activities and reading.

The natural lens of our eyes is made up of protein and water. Proteins are helpful in maintaining clarity of vision. As we age, these proteins can become denser and in some cases cloud the lens, causing cataract. In rare cases, cataract is diagnosed at birth or during early childhood due to hereditary defects in enzymes, trauma to the eyes, or intraocular inflammation. People who develop cataract in relatively early ages can usually trace back the origins of the disease to diabetes, exposure to ultraviolet rays, smoking, inhaled steroids or certain medications.

Symptoms include blurred vision, which is most common, as well as frequent changes of your eyeglass prescription, glaring, poor night vision, the need for bright light for reading, double vision and fading colors. Cataract can be detected by having a thorough examination of your eyes with the help of an ophthalmologist at the Horizon Eye Specialists and Lasik Center in Phoenix, AZ.

Removal of cataract is possible only through eye surgery. Phacoemulsification is the main procedure that is performed on cataract patients at Horizon Eye Specialists and Lasik Center. First of all, a micro-incision is made under topical local anesthesia. Then, an ultrasound vibrates and breaks the cluster of proteins into small pieces which are gently removed from the eyes with a special vacuum. The surgeon than inserts an artificial permanent lens in place of the natural lens. Some patients will improve their vision within a few hours following the surgical procedure.

The major advantage of phacoemulsification surgery is that the incision is small which results in faster healing and vision is improved quickly. Phacoemulsification has no post-operative pain. The procedure reduces surgical time and no sutures are required afterwards. At Horizon Eye Specialists & Lasik Center, patients receive a personalized custom cataract surgery. Our doctors use premium IOLs to reach optimal vision for each of our patients. These intraocular lenses are designed for minimizing the use of reading glasses, trifocals or bifocal. Learn more about our cataract surgical options here.