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Does LASIK Improve Reading Vision?

You may have heard that LASIK laser eye surgery can help fix vision problems and even astigmatism. But does it help with poor reading vision as well? Oftentimes, people associate LASIK with fixing nearsightedness, but don’t realize it can also help your reading vision. The reality is that if you have trouble with seeing things up close and regularly rely on reading glasses to do so, you could be a great LASIK candidate. Here’s some information to help you decide if that’s the case.

 All About Monovision

 Monovision LASIK eye surgery is able to reduce or eliminate the dependence on reading glasses and may be recommended when a patient needs help with their reading vision. Unlike standard LASIK, which corrects both eyes typically for distance vision, Monovision LASIK is used to treat each eye separately. The eye surgeon will correct refractive errors in one eye for distance, while leaving the other eye slightly nearsighted. The end result of this approach is improved vision overall for objects both near and far.

Am I a Candidate for Monovision LASIK?

If you have healthy eyes and are tired of having to pull out reading glasses to look at anything up close, you might be eligible for Monovision. Generally, individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle, have had stable vision for a couple years and need help with reading vision are ideal candidates for this procedure.

On the flip side, if you drive often at night, operate heavy machinery or are a serious athlete, you may not be best suited for this type of surgery. However, your eye surgeon can let you know definitively whether that’s the case after conducting a full eye exam. Even if you end up being unable to pursue Monovision LASIK, there are procedures like KAMRA and Refractive Lens Exchange that could be an option for you. Be sure to ask your surgeon about all of your options.

If you’re ready to be done feeling dependent on reading glasses, and eager to move on from being unable to see things that are right in front of you, you’re not alone. We’d love to get you in for an eye exam and help you find out whether Monovision LASIK is the best approach for you. Please contact our LASIK eye center to learn more.