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How Soon Can I Travel After LASIK?

So, you have your LASIK procedure scheduled, and are excited about having crystal clear vision soon. But then you remember - your big trip to Italy is scheduled a few weeks after your surgery. Is this a mistake? Or is it safe?

Many patients worry about LASIK after surgery care, and how it may impact their travel plans. Here’s what you need to know about flying after laser eye surgery.


Cleared for Takeoff 

When you have LASIK surgery, you always will have a next-day follow-up appointment scheduled to make sure your eyes on the right healing path. At this appointment is usually when your eye surgeon will let you know that you’re cleared to fly. Most patients are given their doctor’s blessing to fly in that next-day appointment, although many surgeons recommend waiting a couple of days to give your eyes a little extra time to heal before going into such a public (and often germy) environment.

Even if you’re approved to fly, keep in mind that your eyes will be more vulnerable to drying environments for six months after LASIK. Since the pressurized cabin of an airplane often has very low humidity, it could cause your eyes you to feel significant dryness. For this reason, it’s imperative you bring moistening eye drops with you to reapply often (per your doctor’s directions) during your flight.


Your Final Destination

If you’re flying after laser eye surgery for work purposes, you’re probably going to be taking it pretty easy in terms of activities once you reach your destination. But if you’re traveling for pleasure, think about what activities you have planned.

There’s a necessary waiting period with LASIK after surgery care for things like swimming and water sports, or anything else that could potentially introduce water (and/or infection) into your eyes. You’ll also need to take extra care to use proper UV protection whenever you’re outside. This is always a good idea, but especially when your eyes are in a vulnerable, healing state.

So, odds are good you can keep your LASIK appointment and your trip to Italy afterward. Just take all precautions your doctor recommends, and be sure to keep moistening eye drops on hand. Contact us to schedule an eye exam or LASIK consultation.