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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames

Finding the right eyeglass frames to suit your individual needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Some find that this process is too difficult to traverse, and simply rely on their optometrist's opinion when the time comes to choose. (Not the worst idea, but their love of tortoise shell frames may not be your cup of tea.) Since your eyeglasses are the focal point of your face and should compliment you and your lifestyle, read through our helpful guide on how to choose the right glasses.

Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a huge role in how different eyeglass frames will look and sit when worn. Determine the shape of your face (oval, square, heart-shaped, etc.) and consider what the right glasses might mean for your image. One easy way to determine your face shape is to pull your hair back and draw an outline of your face on your bathroom mirror. Wearing improperly matched eyeglass frames that don't suit your face will make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s not an option for an accessory you wear every day.

  • Heart-shaped faces should opt for heavy bottom lines, rimless, or aviator shapes. Avoid styles with lots of details at the temple or top which bring attention to the forehead.
  • Oval-shaped faces should go for styles with a heavier top line and are wider than the widest part of your face. Styles that ‘wing up’ or ‘butterfly’ are also great. Steer clear of glasses that are too big and cover up too much of your face.
  • Square-shaped faces look great in eyeglasses with softer edges like an oval frame or rounded rectangles. Try to avoid overly boxy frames which enhances rather than complementing angular features.
  • Round-shaped faces should go for styles that are angular, like rectangular frames, and have a contrasting bridge piece. Avoid round frames, rimless, or eyeglasses that are too small for your face.

Frame Type

The shape and material of your eyeglass frames make a huge difference in both the way you look in them and how long they will last. Choosing frame shapes that work with your facial shape can enhance your attractive qualities, while choosing metal frames over plastic may have a better chance of surviving daily wear and tear. There are hundreds of different materials available for eyeglasses, including those made of recyclable materials, wood, and more.


If you are an active, busy person, you might question how to choose the right glasses to fit your rugged lifestyle. Consider choosing a material that will withstand all manner of wear and tear you may encounter to preserve your eyeglass frames for longer. Alternatively, if you are prone to misplacing your glasses, try a brighter colored frame to increase their visibility and minimize the risk of accidental breakage.


Choosing the right glasses for your skin tone is important, since your frames are a daily accessory. Avoiding clashing tones is the first step, as a cool-toned frame may look garish next to warm-toned skin. Warm-toned skin (bronze, golden or yellow) looks great next to neutral colored frames, while cool-toned skin (pink or bluish) looks great when paired with blue, purple, pink or silver frames. Make note of the most basic, most frequently occurring color in your wardrobe and coordinate your glasses accordingly. And if you really can’t decide, opt for a second pair!


Your frames should match your personality in both color and style. While you should act with consideration towards the aforementioned categories, your eyeglass frames are essentially a personality extension, and can enhance your confidence and appearance if worn correctly. From sports-styled frames to fashion-oriented colors, there are literally thousands of configurations and options available to complement you and your beautiful face. Check out this great eyeglass intervention with before and after pics.

The first step in getting those fabulous new glasses is to make sure your eye prescription is up to date. Contact us today to ask about our exams or schedule a consultation. Maybe this blog has made you rethink getting glasses and you’d like information on LASIK - we’ve got your covered!